While many backsplashes tend to look rather similar, there are no hard and fast rules that govern backsplash design. You are free to do just about whatever you want, as long as your chosen Charleston tile installers can handle the project successfully. One interesting idea that you may want to consider is having one type of design within another design to make up your backsplash. This is an appealing approach if you have a couple of different ideas for your backsplash and you can’t decide which way to go – just do both instead!

Create a Focal Point

Nesting one type of design inside of the rest of the backsplash makes it easy to highlight one specific spot in the kitchen. While you could use this kind of focal point approach in any location you pick, the obvious choice is right above the stove. For example, you could use large rectangular tiles for most of the backsplash, only to switch it up and use smaller square tiles of another color for a square featured section over the stove. Good Charleston tile installers will be able to make this feature look seamless and the finished product will reach a higher level than what you could accomplish with a single tile alone. 

Make Sure the Colors Don’t Clash

One potential mistake you’ll want to stay away from is clashing colors between the two tiles you pick out. Typically, colors clash when they are too similar without being the same, or when they are of two dramatically different color families. You could go with two shades of the same color that play nicely together, like two grays, or you might go for a dramatic contrast like white and black. When in doubt, consult with your Charleston tile installers to make sure the colors you have picked for this 2-in-1 design aren’t going to fight each other visually. 

To bring your bathroom or kitchen to life, contact Charleston Backsplash today to learn more about our services. The right backsplash design is a key part of a bathroom or kitchen installation or renovation project, but only if that design is installed properly by a professional team. Contact us today for more information – we are excited to serve you!