In this digital age, it’s easier than ever before to fall into the trap of chasing trends. You might see a few pictures on a social media platform of a kitchen and design that you need to copy the styles you saw in those posts. But are those styles here to stay? Maybe not. When you hire backsplash installers to update this part of your kitchen, be sure to pick out a tile and design that is likely to hold up as the years go by. Below, you’ll find a couple of tips that should help you come away with a timeless game plan for this project. 

Simplicity Never Goes Out of Style

When you think of something that is trendy, you are usually picturing something that is in some way bold or loud. It might be a particular pattern that is popular at the moment, or a color that seems to have gotten some traction in the market. But it’s simplicity that tends to win out in the end. If you want your backsplash installers to create something that will look as good in a decade or two as it looks today, think about keeping things very simple by going with basic tiles and a subtle shade. 

Is It Going to Last?

For a backsplash to be timeless, it will need to not only have a style that doesn’t grow old as the years go by, but it will also need to be installed correctly. If your backsplash installers don’t do a good job, it won’t matter if you still like the tile down the road – you’ll probably have to replace it, or at least have it fixed up, due to the poor craftsmanship. By working with a proven professional in this space who has completed many previous backsplash projects, you will have no such worries and you’ll know your money was well spent. 


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