There are plenty of colors that work perfectly for a backsplash. In fact, kitchen backsplash installers in Charleston are used to seeing some of the same colors over and over again, specifically because those shades work so well. White is a common pick, along with black and various shades of gray. But what about colors to be avoided? Let’s take a closer look at that topic below. 

Think Twice About Bright

We aren’t saying there is no way to make a bright backsplash work effectively – but we would caution you to think it through before going in this direction. A bright and bold color is something you can’t back away from without putting in a whole new backsplash, so you need to be completely sure that you love the look that a bright yellow, orange, or another bold shade is going to provide. Good kitchen backsplash installers in Charleston will work together with you to consider all of the design options so you can settle on something that will look great in the end. 

Almost – But Not – Matching Shades

When designing your kitchen, you want to either use a monochrome approach where many of the components are the same color, or you want to create a nice contrast between your various elements. What you don’t want to do, however, is get caught in between and wind up with a design that has colors that are too close together without matching. That’s not a good look, so make sure your chosen kitchen backsplash installers in Charleston help you avoid that outcome. For example, if you have white counters, you probably won’t want to go with an off-white tile for your backsplash. In that case, you could stick with white and carry that shade up the wall, or go in a different direction, such as a dark gray or black. 

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