Choosing the tiles you want to use for a new kitchen backsplash is one of the first steps in this project, and you might even do this part before you find a contractor to handle the job. As you shop for tiles, you are quickly going to realize one thing – there are nearly endless options for you to consider on the market today. No matter what kind of look you have in mind for a kitchen backsplash, there is sure to be a tile out there that will bring it to life. With that said, we’d encourage you to at least consider the possibility of using a bold and bright color as your winning tile. As much as we love an understated backsplash with a gray or black tile, there is something about a colorful installation that makes a statement of its own. 

The Pop of Color You Need for Kitchen Backsplash

It’s easy to design a kitchen that looks nice but lacks a little something to make it stand out. Often, homeowners will pick out wood-toned cabinets, a white or off-white countertop, and stainless steel appliances. There is nothing wrong with this type of kitchen, but it’s going to look like most of the other kitchens on the block. With a bright kitchen backsplash tile, you’ll inject some excitement into the design without committing to something bigger like bright cabinets. 

It’s Not All or Nothing

One important concept to keep in mind as you are designing your kitchen backsplash is that you don’t have to go all-in on the idea of using a bright color. For example, let’s say you like the idea of using some bright yellow tiles, but are unsure of using those tiles for the entire backsplash from top to bottom. That might be too much, after all. In that case, consider using a quieter tone, like gray or white, for the bulk of the backsplash, with a line of yellow running across the middle to break things up. This way, you get to use that color as an accent, but you don’t run the risk of overdoing it. 

To bring your kitchen to life, contact Charleston Backsplash today to learn more about our services. The right backsplash design is a key part of a kitchen installation or renovation project, but only if that design is installed properly by a professional team. Contact us today for more information – we are excited to serve you!