Adding a new backsplash is an exciting project to take on in your home, and it might only be one part of an entire kitchen renovation. When your new kitchen backsplash is finished, you’ll be proud of the upgrade and will be excited to show it off to family and friends. Unfortunately, if you fail to care for it properly, it might not maintain the same shine that it offered when new. So, to make sure your kitchen backsplash is a point of pride for years to come, learning how to give it proper care is essential. Let’s look a little closer at that topic below.

Understanding the Basics of Kitchen Backsplash

The good news is this – caring for your new kitchen backsplash is not complicated and will not take up much of your time. As a good starting point, get in the habit of wiping off any spills or splatter that might find their way onto the tiles. For instance, if you are cooking tomato sauce on the stove and it bubbles up and leaves some drops on the tile and grout, wipe that away as soon as possible. Also, make it a habit to periodically clean the grout lines themselves, as this is an area that is likely to show age and wear far sooner than the tiles themselves.

Make It Shine

Trying to get your kitchen backsplash to shine like when it was new? Be sure to wipe it down with a dry cloth after you wash it. So, if you take a wet towel to the tiles to clean of spills and splatters, follow that up with some quick circular strokes with a completely dry towel. This will help to eliminate the streaks that you can get from using water on your tiles, so they should be much shinier after this second step.

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